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Thursday, 3 May 2012

bila dila mula speaking :D

Blogger member , two day ago i update this blog , but me feel like wanna update for new entry everyday . Okay i think too much if i say wanna update every second :D Let me tell u about me . Some teenager , when became tenageer like me , such as 16 , 17 and up as long as called tenageer they will more free to find their own social life , such as hang out with friends and else . But me no ! Everyday after back from school i'll just stay at home . If holiday , i'll just hang out with my family .Sometime mummy ask me did me didn't have a friends in this village ? I just quiet and smile :) Ehhhhhh ! apahal dengan dila nihh , ye ye ooo jea speaking omputeh . Macam lah pandai sangat , BI pun tunggang terbalik ! Laaaaa , don't say like that nahhh , bukan pa , saja semangat BI because tadi dila baru ja habis paper BI . Huhhhhh ! Merapu banyak ! Takut la kalau takdapat A+ :( Help me . Ohhh sir ! Please give me A+ . I want to show a good result to my mummy and daddy and my brother ! Please sir please !!!


  1. Memang nak dapat straight A itu susah dalam SPM, tapi Sharon percaya awak dapat melakukannya. All the best!


    1. thanks sharon :) All the best untuk awak jugak :)


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